How to encrypt passwords?

You may just tried to search how to encrypt password or how to encrypt password Please read this article complete at the end of article you will get complete idea…

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What is scripting language?

Scripting languages are used to write scripts. These scripts are executed without being compiled. scripting language is a lightweight programming language. Scripting language is programming language only if it is…

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Jio work from home plan

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What is jio work from home plan? Jio chnaged jio cricket plan's name to work from home plans. No other changes yet made in that plan. Benifits: 2GB / day…

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Samsung devices got 10.0 update

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Samsung devices got android 10.0 update today. Article is written especially for Samsung Galaxy M30s. M30s just received 10.0 update, to install that update step 1: Go to settings-> then…

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Customizer error in WordPress

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Are you getting error in customizer? If yes , We have idea to get out of it. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Hover over plugins and click and…

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What is cryptography?

Cryptography helps you encoding your data and makes it readable to only intended users. Cryptography is a method of protecting information and communications through the use of codes so that only…

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What is switching?

We forward packets to destination by using switching mechanism. Switching is process to forward packets coming in from one port to a port leading towards the destination . In large…

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What is topology?

Simply, the way in which connections are made is called as topology of network. Topology is predefined protocol for managing computers in the network. Types of topologies 1.Mesh Topology fig.…

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How to install easyappointments ?

Download EasyAppointments Go to or If you want marathi language support use 2nd link Click on Clone or Download . and then Download ZIP Installation steps Step 1:Login…

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What is domain name?

Newbie's are often confused between website, domain and hosting . If you want to know more about domain names , read article till end . If you want to know…

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