How to install easyappointments ?

How to install easyappointments ?

Download EasyAppointments

Go to


If you want marathi language support use 2nd link

Click on Clone or Download . and then Download ZIP

Installation steps

Step 1:Login to your cpanel Account

Step 2: Go to file manager

Step 3: create a folder, where you want to install

Step 4: click on upload button

step 5: Upload file , which we have just downloaded.

Step 6: Now click extract button and extract files

Step 7: Now go to ‘easyappointments-master’ select only content of src folder and move to our parent folder . for example I will move it to ABCD/booking

Step 8: Now you can delete other folders from ‘easyappointments-master’

step 9: Go to folder and rename ‘config-sample.php’ to ‘config.php’

step 10: Now add configuration details like below .

 const BASE_URL      = 'http://url-to-easyappointments-directory';
// here my path will be
const BASE_URL      = '';

//please do not add '/' after the URL . this will create conflict

Step 11: this setup is essential and should be done carefully

    const DB_HOST       = '';
    const DB_NAME       = '';
    const DB_USERNAME   = '';
    const DB_PASSWORD   = '';

DB_HOST = should be 'localhost'
DB_NAME=enter database name 
DB_USERNAME=database user name
DB_PASSWORD= password of database

Don't worry if you don't have above details , because we're going to get that details in next steps

Step 12: Now Keep this file open and go to Mysql databases in cpanel

step 13 : create new database and create new user and assign database to user.

Step 14 : now enter all details to config.php and save the file.

Step 15. Now just type url where you installed and enter details to proceed.

Step 16 : if you get database errors .

  • Please check username , database name , password ,localhost properly written
  • Check if you have added user to database.

By using this you can send automatic email for booking confirmation and cancellation.

SMS is not supported in this installation . But if you want SMS support you can contact us

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