Installing Free SSL in 5 minutes

Installing Free SSL in 5 minutes

Guide for Installing Free SSL in 5 minutes.

Why SSL required

If you don’t have SSL ( Secured Sockets Layer) certificate installed on your website, then all browsers will show warning


Warning 1:

See this is another type of warning

warning 2

If you don’t have SSL then it’s NOT easy to build trust for your website.


There are 2 types of SSL .



In this article we’re concentrating on FREE ssl installation.


Step 1 : visit and enter your domain/subdomain where you want to install SSL.

Step 2. Login to your Cpanel Account.

See You have 3 ways to validate that domain belongs to you.

1.Automatic FTP verification

2.Manual Verification

3.Manual Verification(DNS record)

Here we’re implementing 2nd way , which easy.

Step 3:Now, Go to File Manager and navigate to location .

Step 4. Now you will see below screen on ssl website

Step 5: Now create folder in file manager named  “.well-known”

Step 6: Go to that folder and create another one named “acme-challenge”

Step 7: Upload downloaded files in “acme-challenge”.

Step 8: Now Click on Download SSL Certificate.

Step 9: Press Back and go to Cpanel Main and Search for SSL

and Click on SSL , first option

Step 10: Scroll down to end and click on “Manage SSL sites.”

Step 11: Navigate to end You will see below screen

Step 12: Select domain or Just Paste details given by

Step 13: Now you will get autofill by certificate option

Click on that option.

Step 14: Scroll down and click on Install Now.

Step 15: Now your SSL is installed it is valid from Today to next 90 days (3 Months)

Step 16: When your SSL is expired. It will again start showing you warnings. That why Just signup for ssl for free.

Step 17: See login button on Left corner of website

Step 18: Create a Account , if you don’t have . and Log in.

Step 19: Done! You will get notification before a week of expiring SSL. Just go and renew , when you’ll receive notification.

Step 20: If you have followed above steps . You have just saved minimum 699/-

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