What is domain name?

What is domain name?

Newbie’s are often confused between website, domain and hosting .

If you want to know more about domain names , read article till end . If you want to know more about web hosting check here.

What is domain name?

Domain name is the address of your website , which your visitor enters into URL bar.

See if you have website , the website is stored on a server / PC and internet is giant of networks this is why , every PC has there own IP address like 192.XX.68.23 but your visitor can not remember IP value for any website, that’s why domain names are used.

Simply domain names are aliases for your server address . DNS systems stores your IP and domain name. when we request for any website then DNS will check the IP of that website and will get data /website content from there and will show you in your browser.

We may access website by IP address only but it is not easy to remember IP addresses for any website. this is why the domain names are introduced.

How website is connected to domain? or How to connect?

1.Same domain & hosting provider

If you purchase domain and hosting from same service providers , they will do this for you automatically.Suppose you bought both from GoDaddy ,then you just need to make some clicks.They have very easy setup wizard, You no need to add any name servers or any records everything is automatic.

In case you bought domain from one and hosting from another service provider then this will take time for setup , but its not very difficult to setup.

2. Different service providers

Another situation , where you bought domain from one and hosting from another.here you have tricky setup,

Step 1 : You have to visit web hosting provider and have to create account for your domain. Some providers needs you make account before purchase and some will allow you do it later.

Step 2: You will get name servers from web hosting provider

for example


Step 3: Then you have to visit domain name provider and in DNS configuration you have to enter these name servers .

Step 4: Now wait until the DNS is updated. It usually takes 4-5 hours , but in some cases it will take 48 [MAX] hours.

Types of domains

Domain name has some types

for example .com, .in , .uk , .net etc.

What should you choose?

See It is recommended to use .com as it is commercial and trustworthy.

suppose if you want to run your business only in india , you may use .in


  • .gov – .gov can only be used by government bodies
  • .mil – .mil is used by .mil
  • .org – for organisations [Not necessary]

What is Sub domain?

After reading this you may have question that . what is subdomain then?

See subdomain is an additional initial part to your main domain name. which is created to organize and navigate to different sections of your website.

for example


here justinclicks.com is domain but the demo is subdomain.

Subdomain may address another server.

for example , Big organizations or companies may have only one site and have diffrent departemts

exp organization address


support department website may be located at


this is how sub domains works. 🙂

Tips for purchasing one for yourself:

  • Use domain name small, easy to remember [pref .com]
  • do not include -,numbers etc.
  • Keep it small as you can
  • you may also use .net .in if .com is unavailable.

Want purchase one for yourself?

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