What is scripting language?

What is scripting language?

Scripting languages are used to write scripts. These scripts are executed without being compiled.

scripting language is a lightweight programming language.

Scripting language is programming language only if it is smaller and some extent less powerful.

A scripting or script language is a programming language for a special run-time environment that automates the execution of tasks

for example . Php, javascript. etc

Types of scripting languages

Client Side Scripting languages

Client side scripting are programs on the web that are executed on client side, by users web browser. instead of server side. We need this in dynamic html pages. for example. Javascript etc.

Some advantages of client side scripting are

  1. We can validate input’s without sending them to server
  2. As we are validation this on client side . we can save bandwidth.
  3. It runs on client browser . So It doesn’t affect on server performance.


  1. We can not perform database operations using it.
  2. User can read whole source code using ctr+u
  3. User may try to attack using that. If not properly implemented.

Server Side Scripting languages

In simple words any scripting language which runs over the server is known as serve side scripting language. for exp. Php,perl etc.

This scripts runs over server and send there output to user . Server side scripts generates dynamic html. By using server side scripts we can perform database operations.


  1. Useful for creating customized user experience.
  2. Can perform database operations.
  3. Secure.We have to implement security
  4. User will not be able to read source code of server side scripting.


  1. No control over content , once sent to client side.
  2. Not ideal for validations or some operations.

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